Welcome to the Drexel Glasgow Astrophotography (DGA) experience!

There is so much more to the night sky than meets the eyes. Literally! I am always amazed and awestruck when I capture the stars and deep space objects. The thought of capturing so much more than your eyes can see without assistance is mind-blowing. The predictability and beauty of stars and objects in our universe was enough to get me photographing and creating compositions from various locations within my home in the British Virgin Islands.

This website shares my experiences with you in both a static and interactive manner. You can browse my compositions in the series Star Trails, Deep Sky Objects (DSO), Lunar and The Milky Way. You can leave comments and queries and interact with me or other viewers sharing the experience. My compositions are created with unique and memorable themes that can be adapted for your wall, desk or screen background. All of the compositions can be viewed and purchased directly from the DGA site.

Invite your friends to the website, share on social media, and generate the buzz that something amazing is happening in the sky above you. Remember to look up and experience an amazing universe!