DGA Wall Art

Experience an amazing universe right from your home or office by ordering prints of your favorite images. These images also make perfect gifts or keepsakes for your friends and family. Images in the square format below are intended for small format printing, however most images are capable of printing in larger formats with high resolution. Prints may be ordered by submitting a form on the ‘Contact DGA’ page.

Square Format Prints:  All images in this series have a basic print size of  5″ x 5″ embedded in a 7″ x 7″ matte and backing. Be the owner of a basic print size of one of these stunning images for a base price of US$35.00. The standard print sizes for this format are included in pricing table below. Additional fees may apply for shipping and handling if required. To order your prints today, please contact us using the form on the ‘Contact DGA’ page.

Print SizeMatte SizeCost (Matte only)Cost (Framed)
5 x 57 x 7$35n/a
8 x 812 x 12$70$175
12 x 1216 x 16$120$300
16 x 1620 x 20$250$500
Pricing table for standard square format prints.

2:3 (4:6) Format Prints:  Images in this series are optimized to be printed at a minimum 12″ x 18″ size embedded in a 16″ x 22″ matte and backing. To order prints in this format and size, or to learn more about other sizes in this format in both matted and framed options, please contact us using the form on the ‘Contact DGA’ page.

Contact us today for your print and experience an amazing universe!