1. Meteor showers are very spectacular! Unfortunately in the city the skies are not dark enough and lately we’ve had a lot of late afternoon and evening showers so not so good at this location. That’s a pretty good photo considering that timing is everything! I always think there’s a little bit of luck involved also! (I don’t know how people get pictures of lightning bolts)!
    Fingers crossed for more clear skies!

    1. Would you believe only one successful shot out of 300? Lol. I keep looking through the photos to see if I missed any. I really intended to stack them. I saw so many with my eyes. Incredible scene. But the clouds were not cooperating🤣.

      1. You are absolutely correct timing is everything on that! (Mostly a lot of luck I think). Same thing like trying to take a picture of a lightning bolt! I still don’t know how those guys do that LOL!

      2. Lol. I caught a couple. You just the camera on an intervalometer and just let it shoot. After some time you just check it to see what you caught. Much luck 🤣

      3. Oh that’s a couple of nice shots there with the buildings in the background also! So actually you did pretty well! 👍

    1. Thank Babsje. The truth is there were some intermittent periods with minor clouds. I set my camera outside and left it shooting with an intervalometer. I collected about 300 , 20-sec shots. Only one captured a meteor 🙈. So you can imagine my excitement.

      1. How lucky for you! Glad it worked out. I have many fond memories of watching the Perseids from the hillside nehind my old apartment and even one time from a jet at around 32,000 feet. The pilot complied when I requested that they turn off the cabin lights so we could see better.

      2. From a jet. Omg 😱 that had to be a treat. I would have loved to see that. I just updated the post and included a pic that shows the entire picture.

      3. It was awesome. Of course in our poas-911 world I doubt they would douse the lights in the cabin for security reasons. But my experience happens around 1985-86 – a different world back then.

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