Beehive in the Sky

I often find the location of deep sky objects by doing an online search. Because they are not usually visible to the naked eye, I relate them to bright stars or starry formations. After nights of preparing to find the Beehive Cluster, I realized it is quite visible to the naked eye. This image is my first attempt at this deep sky target. I am definitely going after it again.

The Beehive Cluster (Messier 44) is an open star cluster in the constellation of Cancer. It is said to be one of the closest clusters to Earth; some 577 light years away.

Gear and EXIF: Canon 77D + Askar FMA180 + iOptron Skyguider Pro; 31 subs @ 1-min exp,, ISO 3200, f/4; post processing PixInsight and PS 2020


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