Moon Lovers: Episode #6

I just wanted to share this milestone on my journey. The first image was captured on May 13, 2020 using a refractor telescope with a 2x Barlow for an effective focal length of 840mm, and a Canon 77D. The second image was captured on May 31, 2021 using a Ritchey Chretien telescope with a focal length of 1370mm and a dedicated astrophotography camera (Altair Hypercam 183C). As the entire image could not fit in the field of view for the second image, it was created using a 3-panel mosaic (stitched to create a single image). There is definitely value to learning the craft and investing in equipment as you improve. The journey continues…


  1. Hi Drexel!
    I am really enjoying the progress of your “journey”. And that’s exactly what it is. The shot you took with the refractor last year is more like what I’m generally used to seeing. Wish I had a dedicated astrograph back in the day. Anyhow, enjoying your photos and posts as usual. Nice job!. By the way, what refractor were you using?

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