Super Flower Blood Moon

The night skies gave us a treat last night into this morning. Or did it 🤔. At least on paper we were poised to enjoy an epic sky show of Earth’s lone natural satellite at its closest point to Earth (super moon), combined with the orangish hue created by the Earth’s shadow casted on the moon (blood moon eclipse) for just under 90 minutes. This of course would have been all spectacular but clouds rained on the party…literally. But on this journey I have learnt at least one of life’s important lessons: “patience is key” . I managed to capture a 2~minute video of the full eclipse. What a beautiful sight! The results were definitely worth the wait. Enjoy this rare photo and remember to look up and experience an amazing universe!

Omegon RC6, Altair Hypercam 26c, ES EXOS 2GT mount.

SharpCap, AutoStakkert, PixInsight, PS 2022


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