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Fall and Winter targets are already blooming in the northern hemisphere early in the morning. The journey takes us over to the constellation of Perseus, named after the Greek mythological hero Perseus. Our first stop is at the California Nebula (NGC 1499), a rich hydrogen emission nebula located approximately 1,000 light years away from Earth. This nebula got its name from its resemblance to the outline of the US State California.

Throughout this incredible cosmic journey, I have learnt that the orientation of target images matters. Below is a rotated view of the same image. This view, which happens to be my favorite for this target, immerses you in a sea of space “gunk”. It allows you to better appreciate the richness of the hydrogen emissions. It is yet another reason why I enjoy looking up and enjoying an amazing Universe. Stay tuned!

Gear: AA Hypercam 26c, Evostar 72ED APO w/ 1x flattener. ES EXOS2GT mount, SVbony 120mm guidescope w/ASI120 mc guide camera.

Exif: SVbony 7nm Ha 23 subs @ 300 secs, L-enHance filter 14 subs @ 300 secs. Combined as HOO. Gain 100, offset 3, TEC @ 10 degrees


  1. Hi Drex!
    I saw your photo when you posted it but just haven’t had a chance to get back to you yet. Wow you’re right I am totally amazed at what a difference the orientation makes. I agree that second shot with the object horizontal seems to show a lot more detail, kind of like a pot boiling over. I’m sure that’s just psychological, but that would be an interesting study for someone who is into psychology and the mechanism of perception. Anyhow great job, I enjoyed it!

    1. It felt so good to be able to shoot after months of clouds 😂. Psychological you say? I’m leaning more towards visual perception because you’re actually seeing things you were seeing before just turned a different way. But like you said that would be an interesting study 😊.

  2. Love this Drex! Great job on bringing out those stars against that rich red. And you are right, orientation makes quite the difference. I can appreciate more details in the second image… almost as if could float on a beautiful cloud lol.

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