A Dreamy Ruin

Here is the Milky Way Galactic Core as captured over portions of the Coppermine Point National Park on Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands. The Copper Mine was said to be constructed in 1837 to support the mining of copper ore which is found naturally in this area on Virgin Gorda. The mine was abandoned in 1862. For more information on the Copper Mine Point, visit the link below.


Gear: Canon 77D, Rokinon 10mm

Exif: 5 images (stacked), 30-second exposure, ISO 3200, f/2.0


  1. Will do! I forget what time of the year it rises I think it may be more in the spring,
    But if you have a view of the Southern Cross, get me a shot of the “Jewel Box”.
    Unfortunately I think you mentioned that that’s blocked by the mountains though.
    Well it doesn’t matter I’ll be happy to see whatever you get 😃😃👍👍

    1. Yes it starts spring and runs through fall. Unfortunately I am not able to see the jewel box. But once my arm is better I will get the gear to an ocean front where I should be able to catch 😊

  2. Very lovely! Always nice having those spectacular skies with interesting Earth objects in the foreground. You are lucky I can’t even see the Milky Way where I am anymore (well I could drive a few hours out into the Everglades). That’s one thing I really miss about the Virgin Islands where the skies were pretty darn dark .
    I have been to Virgin Gorda though and I know about the copper mines but I don’t think I made it to those ruins. Interesting history though. Always like the Milky Way. And this time of year always has great objects to view. Keep it up! Keep looking up, clear skies and NO MORE HURRICANES!!! 🙏🙏👍👍

    1. Thanks Eric. I took this back in July, just didn’t post. Really hoped for more this season but these clouds are vicious. I’m really praying for clear skies. Stay tuned.

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