The Great Orion Nebula

The constellation of Orion is home to many popular nebulas which have become popular goto targets for astrophotographers of all levels. You have already seen this year’s version of the Horsehead (IC434). Here is my 2022 edition of the Great Orion Nebula (M42) and it’s sidekick the Running Man Nebula (Sh2-279). Both targets are bright hydrogen emission regions that are part of the asterism known as Orion’s Sword. The pair is located approximately 1,500 lighter years from Earth. The wide-field view shows where this pair is located in Orion’s Belt and Sword.

Wide-field view of Orion‘s Belt and Sword (©DGA, 2022)

Gear: AA Hypercam 26C, SW Evostar 72ED, HEM27 mount, Optolong L-Ultimate; Optolong CLS; SVbony 120mm guidescope + ZWO 120mc

Exif: 32 x 2-min subs (L-Ultimate); 22 x 1-min suns (CLS); Gain 200, Offset 3, TEC @ 10 degrees; 20 darks, 20 flats, 20 dark flats

SharpCap, PHD2; AstroPixelProcessor, PixInsight; Photoshop

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  1. It’s always great to see the Astro photos as they really show off the ionized gas colors all the subtle detail and texture of the object. Although visual observation and the emergence of a successful of gaseous nebula and galaxies can reveal much detail, for the most part everything is pretty much a blue-green mist as far as colors go.
    Of course planets and individual Stars are always striking even visually! The belts of Jupiter and the individual Stars of the Jewel Box, for example! 🔭🔭🔭💯👍

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