Flipper in the Sky

This has to be one of the most delicate and beautiful targets sitting up there in the night sky. Meet my version of the Dolphin Head Nebula, catalogued as Sh2-308. This beauty lies around 4,530 light years away from Earth near the center of the constellation of Canis Major “The Dog”. Sh2-308 is an emission nebula composed of ionized hydrogen. Naturally, this target is not visible to the naked eyes, but you can get an idea of its location by the finding the bright star Sirius, which follows Orion’s Belt and Sword. In fact, Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky and can be seen moving the through the center of the sky during this time. The Dolphin Head Nebula, or my Flipper in the Sky is yet another reason I encourage you to look up and experience an amazing Universe!

Gear: AA Hypercam 26C, Askar 80 PHQ, HEM27 mount, Optolong L-Ultimate; ZWO OAG + 120mc

Exif: 26 x 5-min lights; Gain 200, Offset 3, TEC @ 10 degrees; 20 darks, 20 flats, 20 dark flats

SharpCap, PHD2; AstroPixelProcessor, PixInsight; Photoshop


  1. This one is absolutely stunning! I really love the color and the 3-D effect! Really a nice shot thank you so much for sharing! 🔭🔭👍💯😃

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