A Setting Sun Rise

The sun leaned into the deep blue sea, cascading it’s rays into a golden sky. Clouds spread their puffs, obeying the rules of the golden hour. But the sea refused to conform, and in anticipation ecstatically proclaimed “it’s the blue hour… wait a few minutes…seconds, and you will see the blue sea merge in concert with a radiant blue sky. Alas! The setting sun will set taking its golden hue, leaving only blue separated by an endless horizon that lost its grip on the sun. The setting sun has set, but rise to a brand new day.

Ok snap out of it 🤣. I felt like being poetic in this blog. This in so many ways is a change up from my usual night sky photography, but our closest star offers yet another opportunity to look up (or out) and experience and amazing Universe!

Photo details: Canon 77D, Canon 70-300mm lens @ 300mm; speed 1/2000; f/13; ISO 400.

Lightroom, Photoshop


  1. You’re right about the wonders of our nearest star. Lovely photo AND poetic text, especially your interplay with the Golden Hour and the Blue Hour.

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