Sturgeon (Super) Full Moon 2023

The month of August promises a number of eye-catching astronomical events. For starters, this month will show off a Blue moon, as there will be two full moons in August. A Blue moon is a rare occurrence, hence the popular phrase “once in a blue moon”. Not only will there be two full moons, there will be two super full moons. A super moon occurs when a full moon (or a new moon) is closest to the Earth in its elliptic orbit, giving it a larger than normal appearance in size as viewed from Earth.

The first of two super full moons for this month occurred on August 1st, and it did not disappoint. The full moon in August is referred to as the Sturgeon moon because of the abundance of that fish in the Great Lakes in August many years ago. In my rendition, I used the mineral moon editing technique, overlayed on an overexposed capture of the same moon to create a 3D effect. The beauty of a full super moon is yet another reason that I am motivated, and encourage you to look up and experience an amazing Universe.

Gear: Omegon RC6, Canon 77D, EXOS 2GT Mount

Exif: mineral moon 250 frames @ ISO 200, f/9, exp 1/125 secs; overexposed moon 1 frame @ ISO 800, f/9, exp 1/4 secs

PixInsight, Photoshop


  1. Very Nice! You always take “stellar” Moon
    Shots if you don’t mind the pun LOL! As I recall I think the first post I saw of yours was in fact a moonshot a couple of years ago and I was very impressed then and I am now also. I really love the way you get all the colors out of the image, and of course the detail is crystal clear. Very interesting, I know about “blue moons” of course, but I didn’t realize that the August full moon was also called the “Sturgeon Moon”! Great job and keep up the good work! Wishing you clear skies and good seeing as always, my friend! 🙏👍💯😃🤞😎

    1. Thank you my friend. The moon are always one of my favorite target, though I don’t shoot it that often anymore. Last night the moon was just stunning and I had to capture. I am only now learning about the Sturgeon moon as well 🙈. I am definitely learning a great deal from this experience. Take care!

      1. Well your moon shots always come out fabulous. Hopefully you can get a few more shots even as it’s going into the waning phase and then of course don’t forget to follow up with the Blue Moon at the end of the month! (Weather permitting as always… It is that time of year….🤞🤞

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