Heart Beat

Our journey is still lurking around the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way galactic core. Here is my 2023 edition of the Heart Nebula (IC 1805). This emission nebula sits about 7,500 light years away from Earth in the constellation of Cassiopeia.

A starless Heart Nebula

This region has a few popular targets. On the right bottom edge you will find the nebula designated as NGC 896 or the Fish Head Nebula. My image illustrates only a section of it, but it does resemble a fishโ€™, not only the head. The hydrogen II emission region (the gold colors in the image) is said to be as a result of radiation from a small group of stars near the nebula’s center. This group of stars is designated as Melotte 15. As a trivia, Melotte 15 contains a few bright stars nearly 50 times the mass of the Sun. That blows my mind ๐Ÿคฏ !

The journey continues. In the meantime remember to look up and experience an amazing Universe!

Gear: AA Hypercam 26C, Askar 80 PHQ, HEM27 mount, Optolong L-Ultimate; ZWO OAG + AA120mc

Exif: 36 x 5-min lights; Gain 200, Offset 3, TEC @ 10 degrees; 20 darks,

SharpCap, PHD2; AstroPixelProcessor, PixInsight; Photoshop


  1. These images are amazing Drexel! Thank you for all your insight. I look forward to learning more from your posts and pictures.

  2. Just wonderful, and good timing too, my friend! A beautiful Heart to fix My Broken Heart.. Thank you so much, your image could not have come at a better time!

      1. Thanks for the kind thoughts. I’m actually doing pretty well but you know I’m still suffering some grief for my wife and I have emotional ups and downs with the medications I’m on. Just still adjusting to a new lifestyle! It’s a lovely photo and as I say quite timely! I appreciate the good work!

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