Twinkle not so little Star!

Stars are generally given attention as the source of reflection and emission nebulas and other deep sky objects. They are often not recognized for their intrinsic natural beauty. Sadly, I too have been guilty of not giving stars the accolades and credit they deserve until now.

The Omegon RC Pro telescope has opened my eyes to a new dimension of deep sky objects. The image is a 15 seconds exposure of the bright star Arcturus, which is located in the constellation of Bootes (the herdsman). Arcturus is sometimes referred to as the Guardian of the Bear; it can be found by following an arc from the handle of the Big Dipper (Great Bear).

Arcturus is said to be about 25 times bigger than the Sun and is located just under 37 light years away from Earth. Wow! That alone is spectacular and deserves its own center stage.


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