Oh Christmas Tree… Another Look

Here is another look at the NGC 2264 (Christmas Tree Nebula et al) revealing the rich nebulosity in this region of the constellation of Monoceros. This image has a total integration time of 3 hours using the Altair Hypercam TEC 26c one shot camera.

Keep looking up and experience an amazing Universe!

Mount: Explore Scientific EXOS2GT mount

Camera: Altair Hypercam TEC 26c

Main Scope: Skywatcher ED72 APO + flattener + Optolong L-enhance filter

Guiding: Svbony 30mm f/4 + ASI120MC

Exif: 37 frames at 5 mins; Gain 200; Offset 3; TEC to 10 C; focal length 420mm; f/5.6

DeepSkyStacker, PixInsight, Photoshop, PHD2, Topaz Denoise


  1. This is definitely a keeper! I’m amazed at the amount of texture that you were able to capture. It has to do with the lights and the darks and the variations in color, but it really looks like a three-dimensional tapestry or something. Just outstanding depth and contour. Your rig does pretty well with the star images by the way too there’s an awful lot of stores that you capture and they really are mostly pinpoint. Not a lot of blobbiness going on. Great job I really like this one! 👍👍🙏🙏🏆🏆😃

  2. Beautiful image Drex!!! Very impressed by how much more details you have captured here! Reds and the nebulosity in there are really poppin’

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