Are We Really Alone?

It is said that everything we see in the sky with our naked eyes lies in the Milky Way Galaxy. Well the exception to this rule is the Andromeda Galaxy which is located some 2.5 million light years from Earth and can be seen with naked eyes under dark skies.

In this journey I have learnt, and I am still learning about, the plethora of galaxies stashed in the skies and located millions and millions of light years away. This realization is sobering; it makes you wonder if we are the only life form that exists in this gargantuan Universe.

Meet the Markarian Chain of Galaxies, located in the constellation of Virgo. While the chain consists of about 10 prominent galaxies, there are numerous galaxies that can be counted in this region of the sky. Some of the galaxies are located upwards of 50 million light years from Earth. Wow! With a night sky littered with such beauties, it is no wonder that you should look up and experience an amazing Universe!

2.5 hours total integration using Hypercam 26c, SW Evostar 72ED, field flattener, guided with ZWO ASI120 + SVbony 30mm mini guide scope. Gain 200, Offset 3, TEC 10C


  1. It’s always fun to find out how far away the more distant galaxies are.
    This is an inspiring capture, well done.

    Are we alone in the Universe? I think that is possible.
    Many have argued the opposite – they “believe” the Universe is teeming with life.
    But I don’t believe in “belief” without evidence and the only honest answer is that we don’t know.

  2. Always fun chasing new galaxies, and always a feeling of exhilarating success when you actually find them!
    Nice job is always!

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