Blow that Trumpet!

Summer astro targets are in full swing. We just completed our exploration through the the constellation of Cygnus. Let’s take a hop next door to the constellation of Cepheus where we see similar, if not more intriguing targets on this arm of the Milky Way core. Our first stop is at IC 1396, the Elephant Trunk Nebula. IC 1396 is an emission nebula located some 2,400 lights years away from Earth. This target got its name because of the appearance of a dark dense cloud which is illuminated by an adjacent bright and massive star HD 206267. When I look at this nebula, I feel Ike I am falling into a large tunnel… can it be portal to a different dimension 🤔?. Certainly makes you wonder 😊. Well let’s appreciate the dimension we live in. Look up and experience an amazing universe!

IC 1396 in Ha (SVbony 7nm)

Gear: Evostar 72ED, AA Hypercam 26c, Askar 0.8 reducer, SVbony Ha 7nm, Oiii 7nm, EXOS 2GT mount. Guided with SVbony 120mm + ASI120MC.

Exif: 90 mins Ha, 40 mins Oiii, Gain 200, offset 3, TEC @ 10 degrees.

SharpCap, AstroPixelProcessor, PixInsight, Photoshop, Topaz Denoise.


  1. I’m impressed by the really sharp image. The stars are extra pinpoint! Definitely a nice three-dimensional look. I get the elephant trunk part, but to me it also looks like there is a person walking out of the mist towards me 🤔.
    Great job as usual and I’ll be looking forward to your next summer works because the summer skies are filled with goodies! Best regards as always to you and your family. PS I’m doing okay.
    Still working but getting close to retirement!

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