Cygnus – A Final Look

Let us take an about turn and head back to the constellation of Cygnus for a quick final look. You have already met the Crescent Nebula, NGC 6888 and a fairly close up look at the Sadr Region (with the Butterfly Nebula, IC 1318). Here is a wide-field view of the heart of the Sadr Region, displaying both the Crescent Nebula and the Butterfly Nebula. This image demonstrates the hydrogen-rich emission nebulous region in this arm of the Milky Way Galaxy core. It is a combination of two separate sessions, one with 180 mins of hydrogen-alpha data and the other with 96 mins of oxygen-iii data.

Sadr Region in Hydrogen-Alpha.

Gear: AA Hypercam 26c, Askar FMA180, iOptron Sky Guider mount, SVbony Ha and Oiii 7nm.

Exif: 180 mins Ha, 96 mins Oiii, 1-min exposures, Gain 200, Offset 3, TEC@-10

SharpCap, AstroPixelProcessor, PixInsight, Photoshop, Topaz Denoise.

Constellation of Cygnus (source:


  1. PS
    Also a nice touch to include the full sky view of Cygnus, which helps put things in perspective!

  2. Very nice photo! Now, I like the deep 3D effects for the blue photo, but I think that the one in red is definitely perfect as a good contrast. In general I don’t like too much “red”, but in this case I think it’s perfectly appropriate. A nice change of pace shall I say. Does that make sense!. You always do great work and it’s always a pleasure to see what you’ve done. I personally am waiting to find that house for sale in Arizona or New Mexico which includes a built-in observatory with about a 40 inch scope.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.
    Very nice work keep it up! I am really enjoying it and it brings back an awful lot of good memories for me, too ❤️

    1. Thank you my friend. I definitely favor the red as well. I realize that this is the more natural color. All of the others can be obtained from combining the colors using different ratios. In my mind, I have accepted the red hues 😊. I was really excited with this one as I finally was able to connect my camera to a wide field astro lens. This required a made-to-fit adapter. So I’m happy about this one. Thank you as usual for your support!

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