Moon Lovers Episode 8: ‘Gray’zing

So here is a rare grayscale moon from me. I wanted to give you an idea of what a moon mosaic entails. Firstly, the moon image consists of waxing Gibbous (87%) section and an Earthshine section to produce an HDR moon.

The captured moon is the waxing gibbous section. It consists of a mosaic of 29 panels (second photo) of various sections of the moon. Each panel consists of about 1,500 images stacked to provide a cleaner image signal with less noise. The 29 panels are then stitched together to create one moon image.

Gear: ZWO ASI120 MC-S (camera), Explore Scientific EXOS2GT mount, Omegon Pro RC6.

EXIF: 29 panels of 1,500 frames @ f/9, exposure 1/125, gain 13

29 panels for Moon Mosaic


  1. Very nice as usual! I like the grayscale as it is really realistic. Can’t believe how much work is involved in the process! 👍😀

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